Friday, September 07, 2007

News Goddess Melissa Theuriau

Video: Melissa Theuriau French Anchor Person

Photo: LCI News Host Melissa Theuiau
. news anchor
Not only do the French turn out beautiful cars but they also have highly informed news anchors.
Take Melissa Theuriau for example. I find her delivery highly informative. In fact she is such a fine news anchor that I could watch her for hours and hours and hours.

Photograph: French News Reporter Melissa Theuriau

Ms. Theuiau is perhaps the perfect example of European beauty converging with European brains. Viva la France!

Video: Melissa Theuriau - Zone Interdite
Please spend a few moments watching the videos of Melissa Theuriau. I think you'll agree
Melissa Theuiau is simply incredible.

Photo: Melissa Theuriau - A Parade Of Style, Sophistication, and Class
Whether the story is about terrorist attacks in the Middle East, or the latest economic announcements she makes each story a true fascination.

Video: An Interview With Ms. Melissa Theuriau

Photo: The Incredible Melissa Theuriau
In this incredible interview of Melissa Theuriau we learn a great deal about Ms. Theuriau's insights. I highly encourage my readers to take the time to watch this provocative interview with Melissa Theuriau!


Melissa Theuriau Biograph

Born on July 18, 1978 in Grenoble.
Graduate of the Institute for Communication and Media (Journalism).
Began career at Match TV in 2002.
Hired by LCI in 2003
LCI News Reporter in 2004
LCI News coanchor with Thierry Gilardi in 2005.
Host of "Zone" on M6 2006.

Video: Melissa Theuriau - Zone Interdite - Christmas

Photo: French News Anchor Melissa Theuriau


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