Friday, September 07, 2007

Faux Fur Really Dogs & Cats?

Warning: This Video Shows Animal Cruelty

The Chinese people are a proud people with a long and remarkable past. History hasn't always been kind to China, and for hundreds of years millions of people in China have lived in utter poverty.

Living from day to day uncertain if there will be enough food to feed one's children has shaped Chinese culture in such a way that most Westerners would find shocking. The Chinese eat many animals, and animal parts which people in Europe, and the United States would never consider eating.

Cats, and dogs have been included in the Chinese diet for generations. Most Westerners, who view cats, and dogs as pets find the consumption of cats, and dogs disgusting, and cruel.

I am one of them.

The PETA video included in this post shows the shockingly cruel way in which cats, and dogs in China are gathered off their streets, and then tortured, and killed. Even household pets aren't safe in China. They are stolen, and then killed for their furs.

Many clothing items reaching Europe, and the United States include "Trim", small strips of fabric which are included for decorative purposes. It is reported that trim from China includes cat, and dog fur.

I for one do not knowingly buy clothing items which include fur. Simply boycotting clothing items which include fur is an easy way to separate yourself from any possible support for this evil practice.

I doubt that anything anyone says to the Chinese government will end this horrible treatment of dogs, and cats, but by boycotting clothing which includes fur, or fur trim we can send a strong message to companies like Macy's not to deal with their Chinese suppliers which sell products based upon the suffering, and mistreatment of dogs, and cats.

Learn More About Stopping The Dog and Cat Fur Trade

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