Thursday, October 11, 2007

Meanwhile U.S. Auto Industry Implodes

While Other Nations Create The Future

The United States needs universal health care. By adopting universal health care the burden of providing this ever more expensive, and elusive benefit will be taken off the shoulders of employers, and shared in a far more efficient manner by society itself.

The cost of every product, and service provided by the United States includes the cost of health care. Every automobile made in the U.S. includes the cost of providing health care benefits which makes U.S. automobiles more expensive than they have to be.

In fact most U.S. automobile manufactures are either loosing money on the cars they sell, or are struggling to stay in business. Meanwhile companies like Honda are able to sell automobiles which are more profitable, and can afford to invest in long term research and development projects such as Asimo - a bipedal robot.

Please watch the video above, and ask yourself - if you are living in the United States - which nations will prosper, and which will decline in the coming decades. It seems obvious that the United States in headed in the wrong direction.

A society which has greed. self interest, and short term profit as its highest good is bound to failure.

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