Friday, October 12, 2007

Muslim Turkey Murdered 1.5 Million Christian Armenians

It was carefully planned, and systematically executed.

I don't know how many 100+ year old mass murderers in Turkey need protecting, but it's simply insane for anyone in modern Turkey to deny what they did.

Even the United States has admitted its genocide against the indigenous peoples of North America. So let's get real here.

Go here for more information.

Additional Note: I was searching for a Youtube video to post, and I began to read some of the comments on videos about the Armenian-Turkish conflict. I found a considerable number of exchanges filled with such vile hate speech that it made me sick.

Kind of reminded me of a Greek friend I had who introduced me to a lovely young Turkish girl, and he said as he introduced us, "We're not supposed to like each other".

I could never understand the ways of the world. Such ancient hatreds handed down generation after generation. I'm hoping that with high speed transport, international trade, and the Internet that such insanity will be ended once and for all.


Dave said...

I was going to post on this too. My main point would have been, while I agree with the sentiment behind the Congressional resolution, I didn’t see where it served much of a purpose given the political situation in and around Turkey today. While the Turks need to own up to their past (and it’s strange that they don’t), an ineffectual resolution from the U.S. condemning no one alive, isn’t really a positive thing right now.

Anyway Juan Cole sums up my feelings pretty well here:

Dave said...

Link didn't come through:

Umberto said...

Not to take away from this atrocity, but the United States never has admitted its genocide against the indigenous peoples of North America or the slaves. Nor will they ever.

Why do you think they still celebrate Columbus day? Its all justified through manifest destiny -fools!

Get real.

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