Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dove - Not Your Usual Soap Commercials

Dove's "Onslaught" Commercial Revolutionary

Unilever, the same folks that have brought us Slim Fast, and Axe may have seen the light, or gone mad? They have released several Dove commercials which essentially mock the very foundation of the beauty industry.

Onslaught warns of how girls are brainwashed into believing themselves unworthy, and end up mutilating their bodies, and yo yo dieting to achieve a higher state of "beauty".

Dove's "True Colors" Commercial

Dove True Colors commercial doesn't sell soap, or shampoo, instead it recognizes that girls are brainwashed into hating themselves at an early age by a society hell bent on achieving bodily "perfection".

Dove's "Evolution" Commercial

This is a great commercial because most women, and men believe what they see in advertisements, and magazine covers. They then feel insecure about themselves, and it fosters a great deal of unhappiness which advertisers prey upon.

Dove's "Pro Age" Commercial

Dove has come out with a Pro-Age line of products. Dove is laying it on the line. Not only commercials, but also a line of products deliberately designed to kick some sand back into the face of those who have been bullying women about their age for a very long time.

While some are suspicious of the intent of Unilever marketing Dove this way, while selling Axe with blatant sex appeal it doesn't diminish just how good these Dove advertisements are one little bit.

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