Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm Buying A "New" Car

First I want to say I won't be buying a brand new automobile. I'd have to win the lottery to do that earning what I do in my current position.

I will, however, be buying a car new to me, and very soon.

For those who know me this is a very big event. I've been driving around town for years in a rather remarkable vehicle that is just months away from being twenty years old.

Some would look at it, and see it as an aging piece of junk, but to me I saw a loyal workhorse which took me everywhere I needed to go without asking for much.

I had planned to keep my twenty year old car for three more years. I figured I'd be entirely debt free, and have a few thousand dollars saved up for a down payment on a new car by then.

That was the plan.

And as described in a prior post the car decided that it was not a realistic plan.

It conked out on me this weekend.

It's not the first time the car has come to a halt on the road. I've always shelled out the few hundred dollars here, and there to revive it, and keep it going, but this time is different.

It's probably only the timing belt. The belt slips, the alternator doesn't spin, and the battery doesn't charge. I've seen it before.

But at this point the brakes need work, the tires are bald, the front seat is broken, the head liner needs replaced, the horn needs to be fixed, there's rust forming here, and there, the paint is beginning to spot up, and the suspension is loose.

I could probably drive it, and fix it up, but it would cost fifteen hundred, or perhaps two thousand dollars.

If I did I'd still have a twenty year old car - and that's the problem.

Despite my car's loyalty, and my loyalty to it - it is time to part ways.

Having just paid off my daughter's car I can now afford to buy a new car for myself, and so that is what I'll do.

It's a thrill, and a pain in the butt to look for cars, but in the end I know within a few days, or maybe a few weeks I'll be driving around in much newer car, and I'll be asking myself then why in the heck I didn't dump the old car long ago.


Anonymous Communist said...

Are you getting the Tesla?

Dave said...

When buying a car, remember: Blogger Beware!

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