Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wallet Stolen By Thanksgiving Guest

Old Man: What's this about your wallet?

Teen Age Girl: I can't find it.

Old Man: You've looked everywhere?

Teen Age Girl: Several times, and I've had help.

Old Man: Didn't you just get paid in cash?

Teen Age Girl: Yes.

Old Man: Wasn't that girl who you were hanging out with during Thanksgiving meal..,

Teen Age Girl: I know where you're going on this - just shut up!

Old Man: No, I won't shut up.

Teen Age Girl: I don't want to talk about it.

Old Man: Wasn't that the girl who stole you cell phone?

Teen Age Girl: No, it was another girl.

Old Man: But wasn't she the one you suspected?

Teen Age Girl: It was another girl - damn it!

Old Man: Right, and now your wallet is gone.

Teen Age Girl: Why does this stuff always happen to me?

Old Man: You're not a victim.

Teen Age Girl: Yes I am!

Old Man: You bring thieving WHITE TRASH into your home on Thanksgiving Day. She's one of your drug friends. She steals your cell phone to sell for cocaine. You then deny it, and hang out with her again. And now you claim you're a victim?

Teen Age Girl: Just shut up!

Old Man: I guess now is the time to share this little nugget of wisdom with you. It's an old saying.

Teen Age Girl: Just go away. I don't want to hear it.

Old Man: It goes like this, Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Teen Age Girl: Leave me alone!

Old Man: Shame on you, that's what it means. You must accept full responsibility for the actions of your friends - your so called friends - those which you only have one thing in common - drugs.
Until you learn that lesson, that you're not a victim - that you choose to make these things happen to you - you won't have my respect.


Dave said...

I'll see your song lyrics and raise you one:

Crashing by Design
-Pete Townshend

You once believed that crazy accidents
were happening to you
You were chasing a capricious wind
Whenever bad luck and trouble
happened to pursue you
The dice would surely save your skin
But when you look back you must realize
That nothing in your life's divine
Everything that's ever befallen you
Happened simply 'cause it crossed your mind
You're crashing by design

JeromeProphet said...


Are you blogging using your iPhone?

Those are great lyrics.


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