Sunday, December 02, 2007

1988 Plymouth Horizon Donated To Charity

Youtube Video Of Plymouth Horizon

I was actually sad to see my little 1988 Plymouth Horizon go, but after nineteen years in service to my family it was long past time for a change. As I've said in other post either hatefully, or sentimentally, the little 1988 Plymouth Horizon very much reminded me of the story of the Little Train That Could. While it is only an inanimate object the fact that it was so small yet played such an important role in taking me, and my family where we needed to go for so many years it was like a member of the family.

Do you believe that the little hatchback hauled not one full sized Christmas tree, but two full sized Christmas trees on the inside? It also helped my wife (before she was my wife) move, and my brother in law move, and my family move.

Just a few hundred here, and a few hundred there and the little Plymouth Horizon will be off and running again. It may turn out to be some teenager's first car! Or it may just end up sold for parts - who knows?

I donated it to a local charity - for the tax write off.

If you surf to the Youtube page that host the video I link to you'll see some rather positive comments about the car. It's very close to being an antique, and its odd look may end up making it a beloved old relic - I mean the model, not my particular car, but that's six to ten years into the future. For now they have a value of about two hundred dollars - LOL!

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Darla said...

I felt the same way when I donated my old Ford Escort or Escorte'. My baby had 220,000 miles on it, then the charity came and drove it away. Darla

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