Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Does God Use Transdimensional Nanotechnology?

If so, then what is God?

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fireinthesky2008 said...

What is God? He is love, He is Christ, He is good, and He is with us. How? He created the worlds with a word how can we ask how? Can we understand the how, the mind of God--Yeshua is his earthly form. He can be a star, it is written in his word--the Bible. He is the brightest star shining brighter than the sun the word tells us. he fills us with His Holy Spirit that is a part of the how. We become alive to him to becoming what He first imagined us to be. Walking with power, authority and eternal life. Pray first for salvation in his son's name Yeshua, then pray to be filled with his breath the Rua Ha Kodesh, His Spirit. Then we can only begin to touch the very outer dimensions of his mind and soul and heart. He is beautiful He desires oneness and reconciliation with us through the blood atoning suffering death and resurrection of his son, his bodilly earthly form.

Then one day soon the heavens will open and we will see Him as He is shining gloriusly, his face like beryl, his garments as white as snow, with all his holy angels and departed resurrected man--our kind our race transformed to be like him and caught up in the air to be with him where we shall reign forever more as priests and kings unto God. He will soon return within our lifetime. He said when you see certain signs in the heavens then look up your redemption draws near. There will be signs in the sun..the Earth ..the moon. The heavens will change and be on fire. The sun will go black and the moon turn to blood. Our blood is iron based its oxygenation turns it red. Iron particles are in our air from lunar eclipses and many star deaths. There is a star near our sun, Sedna, an energy transfer process that leads to supernovas and new nebulas forming is about to occur. Lastly a monster star 30 billion times greater than our sun, a magnetar is sending GRB solar flares like lightening all over our skies destroying or purifying entire galaxies they indicate no galactic distribution. The star is higher than our known solar systems.

The Bible tells us that Christ abides in the third heavens and that He has prepared a flying city known as New Jerusalem that will come out of the sky for the generation of people--a generation is 70 years according to the Bible-- that sees Israel receive its homeland back. That is our generation. Christ said this generation shall not pass away until all is fulfilled. Very few prophecies are left to be fulfilled read the prophetic books of the old testament and Matthew 24 and Revelations. In them a final seven years of plagues strike the Earth to warn mankind to wake up to God. Even the plague of hail began. We have megacryometeors registered at 500lbs. All these metereological and geophysical events began around the year 2000, including the huge earthquake prophesied in scriptures, the many lunar and solar eclipses, huge hailstones, global fires, water shortages, floods and storms and planetary conjunctions. The last conjuction being 12/24/07 at 2am. The bible prophesies that earth will be split asunder and moved out of its place never to rise again, mankind will burn up their eyes on fire and tongues melted and our race will be as scarce as gold. He will return amd save a remnant of believers in Him. Then the Lord will create new heavens and a new earth where He as God will reign, live and walk among us. Praise God. But first some of Isreal will be flattened and turned into a plain, the world's armies will surround the land of Judea, 7000 israelis will die and 2 billion people around the world will die due to a war that begins in the Euphrates river area aka Iraq. A false religious political leader of a european union from Italy will terrorize man-kind in a brief global reign. He will be possesed with the devil and will start the mark of the beast a numbering system that prevents anyone from buying selling transporting or working without it. It will be embedded in the forehead or hand. That technology exists as sky-eye implants, verichips and the RFID. Radio frequency chip technology is used to track stars and animals. Alzheimer's patients have already been tagged reported a prominent news channel. All babies in hospitals are next.

A patent exists and in May 2008 RFID cards with medical and personal info will need to be carried for US citizens to work, fly or drive. Fulfillment of prophecy. Get your houses in order! God as Christ will return in a cloud to save us from the antichrist dictator and to purify and cleanse our world from the atrocities of the antichrist's reign. Then we will have peace and know the mind and heart of our God and creator--Jesus/Yeshua revealed

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