Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Sparse Blogging Of Late

My blogging has been rather sparse lately, but I have been busy with Christmas, and now with Overtime at work.

I bought my daughter a new PC, and I spent several evenings last week installing software, and hardware too. I wanted it to be just right for Christmas morning. Little did I know her MP3 player needed to be authorized, and that the firewall would interfere with her music listening pleasures.

I had to head off file sharing by beating it to the punch - is that a mixed metaphor - by getting our Rhapsody software installed on the new PC.

I could go down the list of software I installed, and configured so that on Christmas morning she'd have a great experience instead of what usually happens when one installs a new computer.

I'll be putting in some OT all the way up to New Years so expect sparse blogging until the new year arrives.

In the meantime I had a really nice Christmas - now if I could just take a small nap please.

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