Monday, January 07, 2008

Blu Ray Is Like Ancient History

Meet The Optware Holographic Versitile Disc (HVD).

The Sony Blu Ray High Definition DVD stores a whopping 25 Gig per layer. A dual layer Blu Ray disk will therefore hold up to an amazing 50 Gigabytes!

Really incredible.

However, the capacity of the cutting edge Blu Ray is dwarfed by the Optware HVD.

The Optware HVD has a current capacity of 3.9 Terra Bytes (expected to increase).

One Optware HVD holds the equivalent of:

Six thousand CDs.
Eight Hundred and Thirty DVDs.

It makes the Sony Blu Ray format look puny.

Using standard video compression (e.g., MP4) one Optware HVD disc can store up to a year of continuous video recording. The same Optware HVD disc could store several decades of audio recording using standard audio compression (e.g., MP3).

Optware HVD versus DVD

The Optware HVD is the same size as a DVD, and operates with the same type of drive equipment - meaning no enormous cost are involved in manufacturing, or distribution.

Obviously there are differences in lasers (there are two, one red, the other green), servo controls, firmware, and software, but the major breakthroughs have already been accomplished, and the HVD format is now being funded, and moved into launch stage by a consortium of major Japanese electronics firms.

The Optware HVD - Coming soon to a Best Buy near you!

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