Sunday, January 06, 2008

Winter Sun Day - January 6th 2008

Photo: JeromeProphet - Winter Sunset - Jerome, Illinois - January 6th 2008

Today's temperature rose into the sixties. That's right the cold spell which took temperatures down to single digits last week broke, and now we have Spring weather in January.

Tomorrow will bring even warmer weather, perhaps thunderstorms - yes, that's thunderstorms, not snowstorms in January (we're living in Florida now).

I used my time wisely, and washed my SUV, being careful not to spray myself with the freezing cold water coming out of the hose. I also swept out the garage. I probably could have mowed the lawn, but decided that would have to wait another four to five months.

The sun set spectacularly, and I captured some pretty photos. The photograph was taken at sunset Sunday evening, January 6th, 2008. It certainly seems that the temperature extremes that once were so rare have become rather the norm in this age of global warming.

Photo: Winter Sunset - First Week January 2008 - Jerome, Illinois

So might suggest that if we simply average out the temperatures that everything is perfectly normal, but that's all to simple, and deceitful way of portraying what is happening of late with our weather.

My guess is that there is simply more energy trapped within the atmosphere, and that this is causing the huge temperature swings which we are seeing more frequently. I know I should feel happy that the frigid cold temperatures which have haunted the Midwest for weeks have finally been driven off, but the fact that it is in the sixties in the first week of January in the Midwest is disturbing.


Marie Carnes said...

Your photo is so beautiful. Wow.

JeromeProphet said...


Thank you for your comment.

I'd say the image very closely portrays the appearance of the sky just moments after the sun set.

The sun sets so quickly around the Winter Solstice that there's never time to waste.


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