Friday, January 04, 2008

End Of The Tunnel

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One can't help but think what a long dark time it has been under the current regime. The people of the United States fall into three camps. Those that cheer on the destruction of the democratic republic, those that dread the end of their freedoms and rights, and those that couldn't care less.

I'd say most people living in the U.S. are so busy just trying to survive that they hardly have time to care much about greater issues. That's what those in power rely upon to stay in power, and to get away with the abuse, and neglect they call leadership.

It is precisely due to the fact that such an important decision as electing a President is left up to so many who feel that they could care less, yet vote, that we ended up with the buffoonery of George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney.

The nation went from a time of balanced budgets under President Clinton, peace, and growing prosperity to one of constant war, and deficit spending. A huge tax cut was made permanent for the ultra rich at the expense of social betterment for the rest of the populace.

Under the new regime the old GOP constituency, the military industrial complex, could be paid off again as defense spending went haywire - while our infrastructure was allowed to crumble.

Many thinking people lost hope.

Why not occupy Iraq using trumped up charges, and use deficit dollars to do so? The pork barrel would be filled for those connected to the traditional GOP lobby - in the name of the never ending "War of Terror" of course.

How could a people, as if frightened children, run to and endorse such a petty despot? How could a people sell themselves so short?

The right wing religious zealots who control the Republican party will no doubt pull off the nomination of their chosen candidate. The Democratic party will eventually select a candidate that is barely electable. We've seen it before - image over substance. People will look for the sound bite, and sound bites are what the people will get. The next President of the United States will be elected on image, just as the last one was.

And in November the people will once again take a stab at choosing the best candidate, and many will vote for what they feel is the lessor of two evils.

The nation's infrastructure will continue to fall apart, the health care crisis will not be dealt with, the raging trade deficit will not be reduced, the budget deficit restarted by G. W. Bush will not be ended, the war in Iraq will not be stopped, and on, and on, and on.

But the rule of the white Christian male will be continued, and that is what is so important to those who vote based upon image. They want the assurance of the great white father. They want to run to their great white daddy to take care of them in a time of never ending uncertainty - even if that great white daddy will betray them in the end.

The fact is, that no matter who wins this election the nation will be better off than the current regime. Given a choice most Republicans would have chosen another candidate than George Bush had they known what he was going to do.

I see light at the end of the tunnel, and it gives me hope, but when we reach it I'm not so sure if it won't lead us back down into yet another dark place.

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