Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Mysterious Fog of Springfield, Illinois

Photo: JeromeProphet - The Mysterious Fog - Iles & Veterans Parkway - Springfield, Illinois

How many of those who lived in ancient times were lost to, and never returned from the mysterious fog I do not know. How many trains, planes, ships at sea, and automobiles have been lost to a similar fate I could not say, but I do know this - fog is a killer.

The mysterious fog compresses space into a finite zone as it fills every little space. Yet it is also true that the mysterious fog expands space in a most uncanny way, for what can not be seen becomes an idea - and ideas are infinite.

Photo: JeromeProphet - Automobiles In The Dark Mysterious Fog Of Springfield, Illinois

The mysterious fog creates beauty, by destroying the mundane. Light is transformed into beams of light, and halos. Within the mysterious fog light becomes spectacle, and darkness becomes enveloping.

The mysterious fog asserts itself into reality, yet it also evades our attempts to define it, for the mysterious fog possesses both substance and yet remains ethereal. The mysterious fog is magical.

The mysterious fog is alive, for it lifts, and descends upon us, it both surrounds us, and then disappears. We grasp at it, and find nothing. It is everywhere, yet nowhere.

The mysterious fog creates possibilities. Some too horrible to ponder, for there might just be monsters lurking within - waiting - for you.

Photo: JeromeProphet - Sonic in the Fog - Iles Ave - Springfield, Illinois

You say it's not so, that such things are impossible, but how can you be sure of anything - for you too are within the mysterious - fog.

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