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Pulling World Trade Center Building Seven

Pulling World Trade Center Building Seven

Two YouTube Comments

"From the comments I heard on dutch tv, I made up that they deliberately pulled down some buildings in order to prevent these building from collapsing towards other buildings (domino-effect)".

"yeah i heard it too in the portugues tv..but the thing is how could they made a controled demolishion a few hour after the attack? that thing needs lots of time to be prepared".

What Really Happened?

I'm no stranger to conspiracy theories, but I've held off on joining the band wagon when it came to 9-11. It doesn't take much imagination to understand that the U.S. is hated by hundreds of millions of people around the world. The United States has a great deal of wealth in comparison to the developing nations. The United States also has a large military footprint. Just about anything the U.S. does can be viewed as an extension of imperial power, and there are hordes of people around the world who are offended by that power.

It didn't seem much of a shock that Islamic Fundamentalist would want to take on the great Satan. After all the U.S. supports Israel, as well as the governments of "moderate" Middle Eastern states. We are an easy target too. Years after 911 the U.S. is still prime pickings for just about any type of terrorist attack imaginable. Before 9-11 it was even worse.

Controlled Demolition of World Trade Center Building 7

So when the Main Stream Media reported that jet airliners were smashing into the twin towers it wasn't a surprise that Muslim extremist were identified as the culprits.

There was one lingering perception that I had held over the years, that has slowly turned into an obstacle to an unfettered acceptance that 9-11 wasn't an inside job, and that is what happened on September 11th, 2001 to World Trade Center Building Seven.

I had always assumed WTC7 had been deliberately brought down by demolition experts due to damage to the building. I vaguely recall that I had heard this, or seen it on television, and when I watched the video of the building come down I was totally convinced that it was brought down by professionals who placed explosives in the building to bring it down safely.

Comparison Video - Controlled Demolition and WTC7

However a few years ago I then began to read that building seven wasn't deliberately brought down, but simply came down without any help.

I never really thought that much about it, for I like most Americans was transfixed on the twin towers demise.

And that's where I could let things be - if I only knew how.

Larry Silverstein On Pulling WTC Building Seven

But I can't because there's something rotten about the story of how WTC 7 came down.

Maybe I'm just another sucker who got taken in by yet another conspiracy theory, but quite frankly it's taken me years to write a post on this subject simply because I never wanted to jump in with the growing numbers of people who are beginning to doubt the story we have all been told about how 9-11 really transpired.

I've linked to some videos, and present them here. Some ask some rather intriguing questions about how World Trade Center Building 7 met its demise. I believe even the most hardened skeptic should at least take a look - if only to put the whole affair to rest.

Why Was Building Seven Demolished?

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