Sunday, January 13, 2008

Young Beautiful Blonde and Busted

Is Makeup Worth Going To Jail Over

Teen Age Girl: Oh my God, Kay's been arrested!

Old Man: Arrested?

Teen Age Girl: Yes, arrested!

Old Man: Why has Kay been arrested?

Teen Age Girl: Well, she called me up and said she couldn't find her car.

Old Man: Was her car stolen?

Teen Age Girl: No, they had it towed.

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Old Man: Who had it towed?

Teen Age Girl: I'm not sure.

Old Man: But how did she get arrested?

Teen Age Girl: Well, I don't want to say.

Old Man: Why not?

Teen Age Girl: Because I've done it too.

Old Man: Oh, God.

Teen Age Girl: It could have been me.

Old Man: What was it drugs?

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Teen Age Girl: No.

Old Man: Just say.

Teen Age Girl: Shoplifting, Kay got caught shoplifting.

Old Man: Shoplifting? My God what would she need to steal?

Teen Age Girl: Some eye liner.

Old Man: Some makeup? She stole makeup?

Teen Age Girl: Yes. I've done it too.

Old Man: But she has all kinds of money.

Teen Age Girl: This is it, I'm never going to do that again.

Old Man: It doesn't make any sense at all, you girls always get money.

Teen Age Girl: We do it for fun.

Old Man: You steal for fun?

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Teen Age Girl: Yes, we never take anything expensive.

Old Man: And now your best friend is sitting in a cage.

Teen Age Girl: Oh God, how are we going to help her?

Old Man: She needs to call her mother.

Teen Age Girl: No, she can't do that, she simply won't.

Old Man: Well, her father's dead so who else is there?

Teen Age Girl: Her boyfriend, but he's an asshole, and he'll beat her up.

Old Man: Beat her up?

Teen Age Girl: Yes, he beats her up.

Old Man: You mean to tell me Kay puts up with that?

Teen Age Girl: She loves him.

Old Man: But Kay is a beautiful girl that looks like a model, why would she let anyone hit her?

Teen Age Girl: I don't know, it's stupid. Can we bail her out?

Old Man: I have exactly three dollars until I get paid.

Teen Age Girl: Three dollars?

Old Man: That's all we have. Does she have a car towing card, or a credit card?

Teen Age Girl: Yes. I guess she can use that to get out.

Old Man: How much is bail set at?

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Teen Age Girl: $125.

Old Man: She has to go to court now, and will have to pay a fine.

Teen Age Girl: It's so stupid. And she doesn't know where her car is.

Old Man: Probably at a tow service. She'll have to buy her car out.

Teen Age Girl: My friend Jessie is coming over to pick her up at the County Building.

Old Man: All for stealing a a few dollars of over priced makeup from Kohl's.

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