Tuesday, February 26, 2008

End The U.S. Embargo Against Cuba

Santiago De Cuba

It is well past the time for the United States to have lifted its embargo against Cuba.

The small aged Cuban exile community in southern Florida should not hold captive America's foreign policy regarding Cuba.

To those Cuban exiles I say, there will be no reclaiming of confiscated estates, it simply will not happen. You are in your late seventies, and eighties now - it is too late to claim your hotels, and beach front estates.

And to those second and third generation "Cubanos" it is time to call yourselves Americans. You were born in this nation, and you prospered here. Stop calling your fellow Americans "Americans" when you should be calling yourselves Americans. You insult this nation, and future generations of your family by denying your own nationality.

To the second, and third generation of "Cubanos" unwilling to call yourselves Americans, despite having been born in the U.S., and having lived in the U.S. for your entire lives, I will tell you now that you will never inherit the wealth which your grand parents told you was your birthright. You have no claim on properties or wealth awaiting you upon the island of Cuba. It simply won't happen. You will not walk into Cuba and "take over" one day.

Costa Verde Cuba

Fidel Castro is old, and frail, and has stepped down from power in Cuba. Fidel's brother Raul Castro is elderly too, and he will not lead forever. They are no threat to the U.S. It is now time to seek better relations with the government of Cuba so as to foster a better relationship in the post Castro years.

Now is the time to end the American embargo which has punished the people of Cuba, and failed to end the Castro regime.

Americans should be allowed to travel to Cuba, to invest in Cuba, and to trade with Cuba.

Through investment, and trade with Cuba will come increased prosperity for both Cuba, and those who do business there. Trade and investment with the U.S. would promote a positive relationship with the government of Cuba. Trade and investment with Cuba would give the U.S. tremendous influence on this island nation just sixty miles off its shores.

It is unbelievable that a nation as large, powerful, and prosperous as the U.S. is frightened of entering into a closer relationship with Cuba - but it appears most certainly true - that the U.S. is the frightened party. Just what the U.S. is frightened about after the fall of communism is the question.

Americans ask yourselves why you can buy goods in your stores made in Vietnam, as well as invest in and travel to Vietnam, but yet you can not buy goods made in Cuba, invest in Cuba, or travel to Cuba? It is by asking yourselves this question that you will realize that the embargo serves no real function - except to placate a generations of septuagenarian, and octogenarian Cuban exiles living in Southern Florida - and their children and grandchildren who refuse to call themselves Americans - despite having lived their entire lives here.

Let us sell food to Cuba, and let them sell sugar to the U.S. Let them sell exciting vacation packages at beach front resorts to U.S. citizens, and let U.S. companies sell every manner of goods, and services we can to a prosperous Cuba of the future. Let us persuade Cuba that the right path is one toward greater economic and political freedoms for their people - but let us do so as friends, not enemies.

America it is time to end your embargo against Cuba.


Dave said...

The ironic part is that the embargo is hurting the U.S. now more than Cuba. Other nations are stepping in and doing business and making money there because the U.S. isn’t. It’s silly. Cuba poses no threat to us whatsoever. Holding a 50 year grudge is just ridiculous.

blevins said...

dave and jp,

It is best to keep the commies contained in Cuba and fight them over there then over here. Or somethin like that.

JeromeProphet said...

It's almost as if a secret agreement was made with the Russians that we wouldn't invade, and that we kept our word, but have vowed to get even.

Doesn't make any sense, as befriending them, investing in them, and trading with them sounds much more likely to produce a friendly nation which is willing to adopt free market and human rights reforms.

By the way which two nations are alleged to use torture in Cuba?

You guessed it Cuba, and the U.S.!

But you see the U.S. tortures for a higher cause.

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