Friday, February 08, 2008

Job Conger Breaks Down

I spent a few hours, yes hours, this Friday evening scanning Job Conger's blog.

The following list is what I have "discovered" in terms of hit counts on words which I ran searches on.

Sleep City 15
Coffee 47
Sex 5
Love 59
Hate 48
Peace 18
War 159
Cats 2
Dogs 22
Pain 54
Pleasure 11
Old 199
New 227
Death 18
Life 143
Hope 109
Suicide 4

Assessment: Job Conger doesn't have a lot to say about cats, sex, or suicide, but he does have a lot to say about temporal aspects of existence, hope, and war.

This is a bit of a joke really, but not at Job's expense, because I deliberately did not run searches based upon Springfield, Aircraft, Teacher, Poem, or Vachel Lindsay.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again, I find Job Conger to be one of Springfield Illinois' best bloggers. His blog is truly a blog. He actually writes in the style of a diarist. Years from now when some local literary review is made of various blogs written in our time I suspect Job Conger's blog will receive high reviews while my blog, like most others will be completely forgotten.

From what I understand the Sangamon Valley Collection is in no way interested in documenting the local blogosphere for future generations of researchers wanting to get a feel for local culture during this period in history. A strangely deliberate oversight that I'm sure will meet with harsh criticism long after Springfield, Illinois' Lincoln Library is converted to a staff less automated Internet cafe.

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