Sunday, February 10, 2008

We Are Insanely Defenseless

The Cost of a Few Weeks of War Could Prevent an Extinction Level Event

Human Extinction Begins Now
Apophis - Friday April 13th, 2029 (extremely close to Earth)
Apophis - Friday April 13th, 2036 (Possible Earth impact)

There are approximately seven thousand Near Earth Objects, and approximately twenty thousand "inbound" objects in the Solar System. Apophis, also known as 2004 MN4 is one of those NEOs. If Apophis hits Earth in April of 2036 all hell is going to break loose.

NASA - Think Apophis Is A Joke - Take A Look How Close It Comes In 2029

On Friday April 13th, 2029 Apophis will glide under geosynchronous weather satellites in its close encounter with Earth.

The Earth is regularly, in astronomical terms, pelted with objects both large, and small.

Life has been nearly wiped out several times due to these violent encounters. Several mass extinctions have been caused by comets, and asteroids. Earth is due for such another mass extinction if past patterns hold true.

Life has never had much say about if such an event would take place - until now.

NASA - In 2029 People Will Look Into the Sky Day or Night and See Apophis

Despite our knowledge, and abilities nothing is being planned by the world's leaders to prevent a major catastrophe from taking place when Earth intersects paths with an asteroid, or comet.

Instead the "most advanced" species on the planet is too busy destroying itself to prevent its own extinction. In the end when Earth is sanitized of its human infection it will only be us to blame for our apathy, greed, and ignorance - traits which have allowed human kind to do the most savage things to itself and the planet, but traits that will be responsible for its certain doom.


Dave said...

If asteroids had brown skin and came from the Middle East or Mexico we'd be all over them. But 9-11 changed EVERYTHING including the orbits of asteroids.

Josef Stalin said...

Maybe we should let the "brown skinned people" from Mexico or the Middle East take care of this issue.

Why does the white man always have to bail out the rest of mankind? Maybe its because we are smarter, better, and care more about the rest of the world.

kelley b. said...

The White Man?

You mean the male counterparts to Paris Hilton that have run the economy into the ground as they try to wring the last dollar out of the last drop of fossil fuel?

Count on it, the Bu$h family will convince itself it has bought ensurance of its own survival.

As will their peers.

The aristocrats will think they'll survive this. Of course, if they're wrong, they'll just have to burn like the rest of the world. And if their solution doesn't save the rest of the world, they're wrong.

Logan said...

Mass extinction is going on right now. Geologically the last several millenia will be looked on as a catastrophe, asteroid or no.

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