Friday, February 01, 2008

Online Poll Results - God Exist

Online Poll Held During The Month Of January 2008 Addressed Faith In God

During the month of January (2008) JeromeProphet posted a poll for visitors to lodge their vote on one of the biggest issues of all time. The poll questioned how certain people were about God's existence. Approximately four out of five voters expressed certainty in God's existence. Others weren't so certain, and many expressed that God's existence is irrelevant.

Douglas Adams on Atheism

I won't pretend that the results of our online poll compares to more scientific polls taken on the subject. Still it's interesting to see people vote at all. People want their opinions to count, or at least be counted.

Hitchhikers' Douglas Adams on Man's Creation of God

Most visitors to JeromeProphet live in the West, with the greatest numbers coming from the United States. The U.S. population is far more faithful than people in Europe, which is probably why the voting went down the way it did. Yes, the "Great Satan" is not only the land of vice, and secularism, but also the land of believers. Poll after poll shows the vast majority of people in the U.S. believe in God. Not necessarily the God as described in the Old or New Testament, but a deity.

Speaking About Religious Fundamentalism, which is almost always divisive, JeromeProphet has chosen to poll on a topic just as controversial, but perhaps a bit more pleasurable - see below.

Chocolate Sex

Now that the God's Existence poll is complete, February's poll will ask readers their preference between two of life's most titillating experiences - sex, and chocolate. How yummy.

A Portion of the Kamasutra in Chocolate No Less

There have been polls conducted in which half, that's right half of female respondents said they prefer chocolate over sex! Let that be a lesson to us all. Chocolate contains several substances which actually slow brain waves, and induce pleasure centers within the brain. The magic substance within chocolate has an effect which is similar to cannabis. I suspect that if chocolate were introduced to the United States today it would be banned by conservatives, and do good liberals alike in their attempt to make a perfect world. So you better enjoy it while you can!

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