Friday, February 29, 2008

You Are Dead

You Are Dead

by JeromeProphet


I'm writing this poem one word at a time.

But don't believe it's only a rhyme.

Because you're dead.

Yes you are Dead..,

And no matter how much you'd disagree.

It's crystal clear for all to see that you are dead.


You missed your chance to live your life.

To sing your songs and to kiss your wife.

For you're dead. Yes you are dead..,

And now you're gone. You're history.

You are no more. It's plain to see.

That you're dead.


You spent your life an empty shell.

Nobody's friend. One step from hell.

Now you're Dead. Yes you're dead..,

And those who'd mourn you and your destiny.

Forget you instead, and laugh with glee.

Because now you're dead.


I look upon your broken grave.

Recalling the last time I'd seen your face.

Now You're dead.

Your souls on the roam.

Yes you're dead.

No place to call home.

You were filled with rage and consumed by hate.

It brought you down. It was your fate.

And now you're dead.

1 comment:

FANCY said...

OH...MY...I have to look, then I started to tickle myself...and I'm alive thank you...;)

This is deep and in the same time we have to reflect if we really live ;-)

email jp






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