Friday, April 18, 2008

Black Orb of Hate

Black Orb of Hate

A Prayer By JeromeProphet

Black Orb of Hate
Embrace me not
Protect me from your minions
And your servants of Evil
The millions which infest your sphere
So dark and untrue.

Black Orb of Hate
As this time and place unravels
May insanity touch me kindly
Blinding those who have betrayed me
Wrenching those who would flay me
Infecting my soul with their madness too.

Black Orb of Hate
Let me run from your darkness
Which has fallen all those others
My transgression driven brothers
Possessed of justifications for their actions
Inciting greed and hate full interactions.

Black Orb of Hate
Set me free from your bondage
Break the shackles which enslave me
From this nightmare called life
From this prison planet of strife
Set me free
From this never ending night.


RickMonday said...


If you really wrote this, I applaud you. Poem writing has always been tough for me.

I am sensing you may have a dark side though. LOL.

JeromeProphet said...

I wrote it before bedding down last night. Next thing I know an earthquake strikes.

I'd call that dark.

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