Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ignorance - It's Hard To Understand

Ignorance - It's Hard To Understand

I have lived in a peculiar time. As I write this the vast majority of scientist on the planet are either entirely ignorant of or barely cognizant of the ramifications related to the growing experimental and theoretical knowledge base called quantum theory.

It is entirely acceptable for scientist in the social sciences to remain entirely ignorant of such incredibly important aspects of quantum mechanics as: entanglement, non-locality, the probabilistic nature of reality, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, MultiVerse Theory, the multi dimensional nature of the MegaVerse as propounded by String Theory, etc.

The discussion began just a little over one hundred years ago. Those few who dared to push past the boundaries of the classical world to reveal the underlying fundamental mechanics of reality discovered a reality so at odds with what people believe to be true, so counter intuitive, that it took most of the twentieth century for their discoveries to be formalized.

The general public has been exposed to snippets of the remarkable findings, and many wonder if any of it really matters at all - aside from the development of thermonuclear weapons, lasers, computer chips, solar cells, nano scale robotics, quantum computers, and artificial intelligence - does any of it matter?

And the answer very much depends upon whether one wants to live in ignorance or one seeks enlightenment based upon scientific research.

I for one am looking to science as a means securing an end to a cycle of war which goes back to the dawn of man.

I'm hoping that science helps to end world poverty, and hunger.

I'm optimistic that science will lead to an end of sickness, and short lifespans.

And I'm praying that knowledge will lead to an end of a world culture based upon ignorance, greed, and selfishness.

Perhaps I'm asking for too much, but we have a choice - we can make a better world through science, or we can devolve into chaos and self destruction. I guess I'm only asking for what is needed to insure a future for mankind, and the path to that future is through science.


rickmonday said...

I am not smart enough to understand this......but seriously, this is fascinating science. We have so much more to learn in regards to the universe and it is amazing how we can get there by studying and understanding something so small.

JP, have you noticed that there is a new particle accelerator that is due to come online soon and the hope is that it will help us further identify or understand the so called "God particle"

JeromeProphet said...


You are smart enough to understand it. It may take a lifetime, but you are most certainly smart enough.

With federal budget cuts the new linear accelerator it may never be built.

Fermilab is in dire circumstances.

Major cuts to big science will essentially give the crown to Europe.

America is a nation in decline.

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