Monday, April 28, 2008

I Stole From You - Step Father

Only Pair of Shoes During 2007 - Note The Holes

Stealing From Your Benefactor

Mother: We need to go into the living room and talk.

Step Father: What's this all about?

Mother: Well, your daughter has something to say.

Step Father: What's this?

Mother: Well, we've all done something wrong in our lives.

Step Father: Oh geez, just tell me what is going on.

Mother: Do you want me to tell you, or your daughter?

Step Father: If she has anything to tell me she should be the one.

Step Daughter (crying): We'll you know how you wouldn't let me have any money for gas (drugs)?

Step Father: What did you do?

Step Daughter: Well I sold your CDs, and some of your DVDs, and video games (over 100).

Step Father: What?

Step Daughter: I only got like 50 cents each.


This while the step father struggles to save money to buy a pair of shoes to replace the ones that he wears every day that have holes in them.

This while the step daughter goes out and uses her money from her part time job to buy pot.

This while the step father struggles to pay interest on debt he incurred after years of giving the step daughter everything she ever wanted.

Only Pair of Shoes In 2008 - Already Has Holes

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