Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Closed Minds Frightened Of Open Minds

Closed Minds Frightened Of Open Minds

There's a part of being human that ties us all together, and although we know it exist we often deny it. This extraordinary, and yet fundamental part of our existence is often referred to as spirituality, psychical ability, or extra sensory perception.

This essay is not intended to dispassionately present any evidence of the existence of psychical phenomena, as that would be a waste of time for me at this point in my life. Instead I'll skip to the chase.

People deny what they must to focus upon talents which enable them to survive.

Connecting closely means losing ego, and psychological space.

Imagine trying to solve a set of complex multi step math equations in your head when you feel connected to other's minds, or that they are connected to your mind.

Not an easy task.

This is at the heart of the matter - each individual makes a subconscious choice - as to how far they can grow in knowledge as to their inner ability - to being "open".

The foundations of our modern technology based society demands eschewing our fuller, and truer nature. We need steel trap minded scientist concentrating upon small parts of big problems - working together to create a brighter future - filled with ever more complex machines.

This schism between open mind personality, and closed mind personality can be seen between the arts which are holistic, and the sciences which progressively become ever more specialized.

It is exemplified by the wave versus the particle (and this can not be understated as important to a greater understanding).

And while human culture at this point in its technological infancy may feel assured that a simple thing like spirituality, or psychical ability, can be ignored, the physics behind that spirituality can not be ignored - at least not for much longer.

What effect this awakening will have upon mainstream human culture is a subject for another essay.

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