Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Pretty & Wonderful Earth

Jerome, Illinois - Tree Blossoms On A Spring Morning - May 25th, 2008

A cooler and gentler Spring has allowed most blooming trees to reach full bloom. Many trees have been in bloom for weeks which is all but unheard of. In Central Illinois it is as if Spring is in slow motion, and while people may be a bit upset over the lack of blue skies, the plants seem to be loving it.

Jerome, Illinois - Tree Blossoms At Sunset - May 24th, 2008

The Earth is a beautiful planet. What an incredible gift to have been given - this garden planet of ours. We all have a great responsibility to protect the Earth - future generations watch what we do now - and it is how we act, or fail to act which determines how we will be judged.


JeromeProphet said...


Let's press the reset button, and seek to understand each other better before pulling the plug on our budding friendship.


ANNA-LYS said...

am I erased again????????????


Please read the explanation on my profile before You make spooky ....

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jerome,

I visited Springfield this weekend. What is the name of those wonderful trees in bloom? You don't say. Everyone should know the names of the living things amongst them.



JeromeProphet said...

I am neither a botanist, nor an arborist, but I believe these massive blooming trees are Ulmus Americana.

A few years back they took a hell of a beating and we lost two very large and old trees - one crashing down feet from where I was standing as the tornado struck.

One of the remaining trees had a split down its middle (damaged from the tornado).

It stood defiantly against numerous thunderstorms, snowstorms, and ice storms for the last two years.

Just hours after I stood among the stand of massive trees one of the sides of the tree came crashing down - right where I had stood when I took these photos.

I had gone out early that morning to capture the tree in the early morning sunlight, and a storm had come in later - with strong winds.

Oh well, it's actually safer now.

By the way, if you drove down our streets you should have seen a wide range of trees in bloom. The ornamentals, which usually bloom for a few days, or week or so, have been in various stages of bloom for over a month now.

It's quite strange. Today I had a cook out - one of the last days of May, and my wife was wearing a coat. Our neighbor and her little daughter were out in coats!

I watched a baseball game today, and people were wearing WINTER coats.

Something going on here. This is not normal. But it won't last long. Sadly, we've totally screwed up the climate on a world wide scale, and it's too late to stop run away global warming. So we just as well "enjoy" this cooler weather while it last.


Anonymous said...


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