Monday, May 26, 2008

Sometimes Dead Is Better

Sometimes Dead Is Better

Many years ago me and my old buddy Pat went to see the motion picture Pet Sematary. We both loved the movie, and were still under its spell so to speak after leaving the theater. We were driving out to his house, and we noticed a road sign pointing to the local Pet Cemetery.

Pat was the owner of a road construction sign company, and it occurred to us at exactly that moment that we could change the sign leading to the Pet Cemetery so that it said Pet Sematary.

We laughed our asses off, and then made our way back to the sign with the needed equipment.

It was dark out, and a little bit creepy, and as we got out and approached the sign there was this rustling and growling sound coming up from the brush just off the road. We got spooked and made our way back to the truck. Deciding at that moment that it would be in poor taste - a rare moment of sanity - or maybe we were just spooked out of our skulls.

I'm a fan of Stephen King, and have read most of his books. I usually don't get nervous reading his stories, but must confess that a scene from one of his books which disturbed me the most is out of Pet Sematary - the one in which the father digs up the casket of his dead son.

Maybe some of the scenes in Salem's Lot were about that scary, but not quite.

Sometimes Dead Is Better

A few days ago on Fox there appeared an article based upon a true story in which a woman who had been pronounced dead, with rigor mortis already setting in, woke up! Oh my god!

How dead does a person have to be to be dead? This person had no brain waves, no pulse, and her heart had stopped! She was DEAD! Just minutes away from being cut up for organ donation. And the next thing you know she's sitting up in her bed speaking.


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