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What The Hell Is Hillary Clinton Thinking?

Keith Olberman on Hillary Clinton's References to Assassination
What The Hell Is Hillary Clinton Thinking?

Recently it appears that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has chosen to sneak in references to political assassination - whenever possible. What the hell is Senator Clinton up to? It seems painfully obvious to all but her supporters that the Senator's sly references are a means of suggesting that we Democrats need her to remain in the race, a race she can not win, as some sort of back up in case Barack Obama is assassinated.

Some may argue that Senator Clinton is once again being victimized (she claims there is a media conspiracy working against her), and that her intentions are pure, but her repeated reference to Bobby Kennedy's assassination, in June of 1968, doesn't appear to be a random act, nor innocent act in the least.

A Mystery - Why Senator Clinton Continues Her Campaign
Why Talk Of Assassination Now Senator Clinton?
Hillary Clinton is after all a master politician who is running for the highest office in the nation, and has been for over eight years. Senator Clinton is the product of a lifetime of politics and political campaigning. She is accustomed to watching every word she utters, and to having available to her a set of carefully crafted responses to every question imaginable - and if not, a generic reply which will work in a pinch.

This doesn't keep her from making mistakes, but it does suggest that we must take a careful look at what she says, when she says it, and carefully assess why she says it.

The Senator's carefully crafted, and repeated injection of references to Robert Kennedy's assassination, after his victory in the 1968 California Democratic Primary, does not appear to be an accident at all. Senator Clinton has made these references at least four times.

The 2007-2008 Primaries have been historic in the sense that an African American, for the first time in U.S. history, is the Democratic front runner. In fact at the time of this posting Senator Obama has the nomination wrapped up.

Politics American Style - Red State Comedy
Americans Fear Another Assassination

As an example, at my workplace nearly every coworker (in my unit) under the age of thirty has proclaimed their intent to cast their vote for Senator Obama. I say "nearly" only because there is one lone twenty something I never spoke to on the subject.

These same twenty-somethings stated that they would not, under any condition, vote for Hillary Clinton. Some even stating that they would rather vote for the Republican candidate in the general election. That is how high Hillary Clinton's negatives are!

One revelation which I found distressing is that these same twenty-somethings have nearly all expressed their fear that Senator Obama would be assassinated if it looked like he was going to win the election. Young voters may be ready for an African American commander in chief, but these same younger voters fear that the rest of the nation may have a problem with racial equality to that point.

Surveys conducted during the West Virginia and Kentucky (rural red states) Democratic Primaries revealed that one in four voters who cast their vote for Hillary Clinton admitted that they would not vote for Mr. Obama because he is black!

This response is coming from the "trailer trash vote" that Hillary has been so desperate to play to over the last two months. Instead of making it loud and clear that she doesn't want that kind of support she has instead slyly worked racism into her campaign!

Politics is a form of warfare, and Hillary Clinton has shown that she is capable of employing any weapon available within the politician's arsenal. While I don't believe Ms. Clinton would ever wish Senator Obama ill will, I don't believe Senator Clinton is who I want as the Vice President of the United States.

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Time To End Your Campaign
While I agree with Ms. Clinton on a wide range of domestic positions, I don't like what I have seen in her character in recent months. Others had warned me of long ago not to trust Senator Clinton, but I refused to consider that there was anything to fear.

If Ms. Clinton knows what is best for her she should call this campaign quits, and begin campaigning for Senator Obama in earnest. Only in this way will she be able to repair the damage she has done to the Democratic party, and to her own reputation.

Despite any calls for Senator Clinton to end her campaign short of the Democratic National Convention it is highly doubtful that the Senator from New York will do so. It is far more likely that Ms. Clinton intends to force herself upon the ticket as Barack Obama's Vice Presidential running mate.

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