Thursday, June 05, 2008

Anette Olzen Versus Tarja Turunen

Nightwish - Nemo (Lowlands 2005)- Vocalist Tarja Turunen

Finnish group, Nightwish, definitely rocks. Nightwish was known for it's unique mixture of metal, and opera - that's right - opera. Lead vocalist Tarja Turunen defined the unusual sound of Nightwish by allowing a Metal band to venture into Gothic romance.

Tarja Turunen - Ex-Nightwish Diva

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and with the departure of Tarja Turunen (i.e., kicked out) Nightwish no longer seems to set itself apart stylistically. It has, however, retained it's commitment to quality. Going "mainstream", if that's even possible for this group, risk cutting the band off from avenues of artistic expression which it may one day seek, and need, to explore.

Nightwish - Aramanth - Vocalist Anette Olzen

Nightwish's new lead vocalist, Anette Olzen's, weaker pop style vocals have redefined the sound of Nightwish into a pop-metal band. Some fans might say this has been to the detriment of the group, while other fans defend Nightwish's right to reinvent itself.

Nightwish - Current Vocalist Anette Olzen (2008)

Word has it Anette Olzen isn't even Finnish! OMG! She's Swedish!

Having said all of the above, try listening to the next song without breaking a tear. Anette Olzen may not be operatic, but she can connect emotion and voice - stirringly so. Some say she is even prettier than Tarja - which is not so easy a thing to be.

Nightwish - Eva - Annete Olzen

After listening to Eva , pardon me if I go cry myself to sleep. This unique Finnish Metal band has me quite confused, but in a good way. Metal and Opera, now Metal and Pop Tear Jerkers - an interesting approach that defies an attempt to classify this group - which is a good thing.

Thank you Europe for saving Rock for the rest of us. Oh yes, that is Tarja in the video. This is not an "official video", but one made by a Nightwish fan using an older video with Tarja Turunen, and the song being sung by Anette Olzen. Tarja also sang this song before she left the group, and has established a successful solo career.

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