Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We Are Islanders But Not Alone

Nightwish - Islander
We Are All Islanders But We Are Not Alone

So many friendships lost over the course of a lifetime
Sadly, in each case I must blame myself
Even when I wasn't entirely to blame

I often didn't see that my demands upon
These ordinary people
Were unnecessary, and destructive
To what would have been

What could have been
What should have been
A lifetime of good feelings between us.

I have been fortunate to have lived long enough
To have seen the pattern of my mistakes
And to have slowly, ever so slowly, to have

Yet I have failed repeatedly to apply that
Painfully won wisdom.

I hope and pray that somehow
In the future that I forge
Friendships capable of lasting till the end of my days

For now I hold onto my hopes
I hold them tight to me so
For no man - no woman ever
Wishes or dreams to die friendless.

To my friends both present and past
I say thank you for ever having been so
For tolerating my ego, my selfishness
And my stupidity

Thank you for being my friends
And where ever you may be
Where ever you may go
Know this

You may be an Islander
But you are not alone
In this voyage we have one another
Nightwish Rules - Another wise steer Capt'n Matt


whimsical brainpan said...

Well said!

I can relate. Most of my long term friends are out of state. I've no local friends to speak of (pushed them away during my depression). Someday I hope to make more.

JeromeProphet said...

Whimsical Brainpan:

I had formed several close friendships while attending college, and I know that I pushed one away, and came to ignore the rest.

These were very nice people who wanted life long friendships, and they stayed in touch by writing to me regularly for years after college.

But I just stopped responding, and in one case deliberately hurt the feelings of one of the closest friends I ever had.

It was, I believe, due to my feelings of low self esteem. They were getting on with their lives while I was stuck in a rut, and I didn't want to deal with confronting that so I just eliminated all reminders.

We live and we learn.


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