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Did Rogue CIA Agents Kill RFK?

Did Rogue CIA Agents Kill RFK Forty Years Ago This Month?

Forty years after the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, and over fifteen years after the end of the Cold War, it is still a violation of a sacred American taboo to ask aloud who really killed RFK.

Ask that question, and instantly you will be labeled a "conspiracy theorist", even though the vast majority of Americans when polled will express their doubts about the official findings surrounding the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, and his younger brother Robert F. Kennedy.

For decades questions have been asked about the quality of the initial investigation. Local LA police, and the DA at that time, focused solely upon investigating, and convicting Sirhan Sirhan.

Physical evidence from the scene showed that several more bullet holes than what could have come from the gun belonging to Sirhan Sirhan. Eye witnesses had always claimed that Sirhan Sirhan was five to six feet in front of Robert Kennedy, while the Senator's autopsy showed that he was shot three times from the back.

As physical evidence mysteriously began to disappear, Americans once again had reason to wonder if there was some type of high level conspiracy which led to RFK's murder.

Robert Kennedy, like his brother John F. Kennedy (assassinated in November of 1963) had made enemies in organized crime circles, as well as among the Cuban American refugee community in South Florida.

South Florida during the 1960s acted as a staging ground for CIA funded Cuban Refugee owned businesses, and many CIA covert operations were staged there - all with the goal of overthrowing the communist dictator Fidel Castro.

During the Bay of Pigs Invasion, an operation which took John F. Kennedy by surprise, a poorly planned (some would say laughable) operation rapidly fell apart on the Beaches of Cuba. JFK made the decision not to approve air support for the CIA backed operation. While some Cuban refugees made it back to the U.S. many were captured, or killed.

Anti Communist leaders in the Cuban refugee community unfairly blamed John F. Kennedy for the fiasco. Kennedy announced on national television that he took full responsibility which he had no participation in.

Not long after JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

For decades questions surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald's links to communist and anti communist front organizations, as well as connections to organized crime, and the intelligence community has led to a general perception by the U.S. population that JFK was killed by a Cuban Anti Communist Cell trained by the CIA, and financed by the Mafia.

After Killing JFK, Killing RFK Was Just A Formality
Then in 1968 when it looked as if RFK had a chance of winning the Democratic nomination, and possibly the Presidency, he too was assassinated.

Many suspected that both of the Kennedys were killed by the same people. The video which this post link to offer some compelling information which demand answers, however, none of the questions surrounding RFKs assassination are new.

Did a rogue cell of Cuban connected CIA agents mete out the ultimate payback to the Kennedys for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion?

During the Cold War the main goal of U.S. foreign, intelligence, and defense policy was to defeat the international communist threat. The loss of a democratically elected president to a cell of CIA trained, and Mafia financed rogue CIA assassins would have severely damaged the anti communist cause. It would have been a truth too dangerous to confirm during the height of the Cold War.

Even now, with the Cold War over, an official confirmation of any element of such a conspiracy might be seen as destabilizing - especially at what appears to be the beginning of the end of the Castro Regime.

Despite these concerns most Americans would appreciate the truth. Most of those who were alive at that time are gone now. The reasoning behind any continuation of a cover up is stretched beyond credulity. It is time to tell the truth about who killed the Kennedys and why they were killed.

There Were Always Too Many Bullet Holes For One Gun


rickmonday said...


I agree that RFK was probably set up, as was JFK. However, I have to disagree that JFK was taken by surprise about the Bay of Pigs invasion. He was the one who recommended they move the landing site to the Bay of Pigs from Trinidad.

I will admit that I havent studied JFK that much but I do not understand this country's infatuation with him. I cannot recall what he accomplished as president.

whimsical brainpan said...

My only problem with a consipracy theory is that most conspiracies come out in time. Human beings just can't keep their mouths shut.

JeromeProphet said...

Whimsical Brainpan:

It doesn't have to be a grand conspiracy. Just a three to six people.

There's this organization, and it's called the MAFIA, and there are plenty of people who have been the victims of that organization, say Jimmy Hoffa for example, and no one has ever found him to this day.

So executions take place, and by organizations, and these would legally be called conspiracies, and no one goes babbling about them decades after the act.

We're talking a very similar act, done by a very similar group of people. Not saying everyone in the CIA is an assassin, but there were people recruited from the Cuban exile community for the express purpose of killing Castro. They were filled with rage, and didn't see the U.S. presidency as anything sacred - they wanted to pay back the Kennedys for what they saw as an act of betrayal which left many of their compatriots dead, or gulags.

It took them five years to do it.

Ever wonder why we have a flourishing trade with Vietnam, or say China, which are dictatorships, and "communist" (LOL) but we don't have trade with Cuba?

If we opened the doors to Cuba it would take less than a decade for us to subvert them to everything we want them to be - but this is the catch - that subversion wouldn't result in a group of eighty year old men walking down the streets of Havana claiming this old building and that old farm.

It's all about a few lousy pieces of beach front property.

Oh well, like Castro, that entire generation is old, and dying, and when they're gone the U.S. and Cuba will have a chance to normalize relations again.

I'm guessing by about then the truth of how this group of CIA trained assassins changed American politics will be o.k. to talk about.


whimsical brainpan said...

You make a good point.

Also, I grew up in Detroit. Everyone who lives there knows that Hoffa is in the foundation of the Renascence building.

Blevins said...


What is with all the conspiracy theories? I just can't buy into them. I mean, come one, if you cant trust the gov'ment, who can you trust? Just can't wrap my head around the notion that the gov'ment would, *gasp* off someone when they got a little too big for their britches.

As always, excellent post, and u r da beez kneez. :)

ps. I am off line right now because it takes an extra $20 a month to fill up the gas tank, which coincidentally is how much it is to pay for my website a month. Until I can find a way to turn urine into fuel, I may have to do a freebie blog.

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