Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally Bought New Cell Phone

Bought An LG Voyager - The IPhone Killer

After having purchased three phones for my teenage princess in the last year, while watching my own phone fall apart - It's literally being held together by tape - I decided it is time for me to upgrade - the first time for me in three years!

Here's another review of my new phone - not mine

After reworking my Verizon plan I've added the neat VCast package, and unlimited web, text, photo and video messaging for just an extra twenty five dollars per month?

How you might ask?

Well, I was already paying extra for princess' extra services, and when I switched plans I actually ended up giving everyone in our Family Share Plan the same thing that only Princess had for just ten dollars more.

The trade off is that Verizon will charge by the Byte for the digital transmissions - but they won't charge air time. Now this entails some risk, but not if I block extra digital services on Princess' phone.

Princess will still have everything she had before, but I'll be charged per Megabyte for her digital transmissions. I figure it will still be worth it, because everyone in the family will have unlimited text, voice, and video messaging - which would have cost us sixty dollars more per month under the old plan.

Here's the first part of the Voyager's Review From Youtube

I then signed up for the VPack, without Mobile Television for just fifteen dollars extra a month.

The VPack means no charge on the Megabytes I mentioned above for the Vpack services and the messaging services. Plus Vpack provides unlimited access to free games, music, and videos via Verizon's super fast broadband network.

For just ten dollars more per month I could get the Vpack for Unlimited Mobile Television, and I might do that, but I'm not sure if I really need to watch television on my Cell Phone - still it might be fun for a month.

Is it worth twenty five dollars a month to have any of this? Not sure, but if it isn't I can drop the Vcast, and still have a great phone for just ten dollars more per month. Not a bad deal.

Oh yes, almost forgot - I paid Just $107 (includes tax and free overnight shipping) for this sweet phone.

This has been a hard week folks, with a bit of a family crisis - the teenage princess is at it again - so I decided what the hell - life's short - it's my money - I'm getting a new phone.

And yes, the old phone this new phone is replacing is really being held together with tape - keeps disconnecting during calls, etc. Three years is a long time for a cell phone.


Blevins said...


Should have went with the Samsung Glyde. The Voyager is a cool phone, but personally I think the Glyde is better: it's less bulky and a tad more sleeker; although the Voyager has a better keyboard and response on the touch screen.

And please tell me you did not go to the corporate VZW on Freedom Drive. The manager is a putz and don't ever get on his bad side.

Blevins said...

Also, there is a handsome and dashing union steward who just happens to also sell Verizon Wireless at his store...

Could have gotten you a free car charger and blue-tooth.

greeneyez said...

It is about time. "Life is short and it's your money"- embrace that thought!!
And, it is very cool that you still see things through a child's eyes. Maybe I will walk tomorrow....

JeromeProphet said...

Palmer: I considered the Glyde, but thought the screen was a bit small for my liking.

Greeneyez: Bring your Nikes.

"Birds go flying at the speed of sound to show you how it all began." -Coldplay-

Anonymous said...

God no way this can touch the iPhone... LOL

JeromeProphet said...


Maybe not. I never labeled it as the Iphone killer. Certainly the Iphone's days as the "best phone" are numbered.

I will say this, and I've never owned an Iphone, but with Verizon broadband EDO service, Vcast and the digital applications Pak, Vcast Mobile, the sweet design, the qwerty keyboard - the excellent dual speaker system, AND the price of the phone, AND what Verizon charges monthly - the phone blows (at least) the older version of the Iphone and ATT away.

My blogging of late has been cut back simply because I spend hours each night learning new things about the phone.

I've just discovered some of the hacks available and the phone is a great deal of fun.

I got my money's worth - did you?


JeromeProphet said...

Vcast Mobile should have read Vcast Mobile TV

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