Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saudi Arabia Saves America Before Election!

Surprise! Surprise!

Thank Allah for Saudi Arabia, which has decided to increase oil production from 9 millions barrels a day to 9.7 million barrels a day - and just in time to have an effect upon gasoline prices before the upcoming 2008 U.S. Presidential General Election!

Now Why Would Saudi Arabia Ever Want To Drive Oil Prices Down?

This from CNN

The country's petroleum minister, Ali I. Al-Naimi, said that increase will take place in July.

It would be Saudi Arabia's highest production rate since 1981.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto praised the step, saying, "Any increase in production in today's oil market is welcome. It is important that we also take steps to increase domestic production and our refining capacity."

Al-Naimi also said the government will invest in oil projects that would allow the nation to produce 12.5 million barrels per day by the end of the year.

King Abdullah's announcement came at the end of the Jeddah energy summit, where he also called for OPEC to set aside $1 billion for a strategy to ease the oil price crisis.

The McBush Administration Embraces Big Oil

You see, America, what we really need is increased oil production, not all this crazy talk about producing our own energy alternatives and conservation.

Saudi Arabia owns 15% of the United States, the oil industry runs the U.S. government and economy, and neither party is about to let their stranglehold over the U.S. go quietly.

In the meantime vote for John McCain as he is the approved candidate.

Oh yes, and expect the price of gasoline to go back up after the election.

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Anonymous said...

The link is in norwegian, but an american expert in oilpolitics says that oil is cheap now and it will reach 600$ in the near future. Where will USA be then?

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