Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Dead Man's Flowers

A Dead Man's Flowers

For many years you ignored the property line
That divided your yard from our own.
You repeatedly walked a half block
just to gain access to our back yard.

Without ever asking permission.

You brought your poisons with you
To kill the flowers which had spread
From your back yard
Into our back yard.

Along our common fence.

It never made sense to me.
In fact I thought you were insane.

You were one of those people
Who must control every plant,
and every blade of grass in your yard,

but even that wasn't good enough
for you had to show us disrespect too.

I just wanted you to see
from your lofty perch in Heaven
The flowers that bloom along our fence today.

They are still here,
But you are gone
Because you are dead.

Like one of God's weeds
you have been removed.

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