Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Remember - Turn Off Your Air Conditioners!

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency
Bush Leaves The U.S. A Disaster Area

President Bush advised the American people to turn their air conditioners off when they're at work - so as to bring down gasoline prices.

Thank you President Bush for supplying us with yet another reason to detest you.


rickmonday said...

If you listened to his whole statement, he said that the American people are smart enough to conserve on their own and they didnt need the government telling them what to do.

He pointed out the fact that due to consumer demand, the car makers are switching to building smaller gas efficient cars.

I dont know what you wanted him to say. I know some people want this to be a nanny state and tell people how to live in every aspect of their lives. However, I prefer to make decisions on my own and to keep the govt out of it as much as possible.

JeromeProphet said...

You see America is addicted to oil.

We must open up more areas for the oil companies to drill.

He couldn't care less.

He's not a philosopher, he's a greedy man with a corrupt soul, and he's surrounded himself, and garnered support from powerful interest that bought his family lock stock and barrel decades ago.

OMG, the nanny state theme again. The U.S. is not an ideal, it is a real place.

Rich people use government to create and maintain a military to protect their interest around the world - can you say multinational corporation?

But when a poor man ask for something from government then it is a form of communism.

You use the term Nanny State to sound like you're a fiscal conservative, but your arguments in support of Bush show you to be a partisan Republican.

Look what real conservatives, and I don't mean the christian right, I mean the fiscal conservatives, think of your pal Bush. Do you believe he has much support there? Bush is a reckless big spender who never proposed a balanced budget during his entire presidency.

Now was he good for the rich? Yes, but that was based upon greed, and paying off his billionaire supporters that purchased the presidency for him - for if he were a true conservative why didn't he use the REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED SENATE AND HOUSE which he had for six out the last seven years to balance the budget?

Because he couldn't care less - that's why.

Nanny State? I'd take a well run government that attends to the needs of the Middle Class any day over a corrupt to the core regime whose only concern was helping those with connections plunder the treasury via unbalance budgets, and wars of empire and war profiteering in the Middle East.

nancy said...

Excellent response, JP.

rickmonday said...


Hold on there. I have never supported Bush's fiscal policies, other than the tax cuts. I have called him out for spending like a drunken sailor several times.

And I have commented on how Bush had hoodwinked the conservatives. He is not a conservative. He wasnt one in Texas and yet he did campaign as a conservative. So, personally I felt that he took the conservative base for granted. In fact, I will argue that the 2006 midterms were not necessarily won by the Dems but lost by the GOP because the conservatives stayed home. And now look who we are running for President. McCain!! McCain is about as conservative as I have the ability to fly. The GOP is in big big trouble. In fact, if McCain gets smoked then I see a legitimate 3rd party arising in the next few years. But, I digress.

Getting back on track,do you really need someone telling you how to conserve energy? I think your gas and electric bills ought to dictate your behaviour not some politician. So I think Bush's response was appropriate.

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