Monday, July 21, 2008

A Lecture From BP - Take Notes

Oil Company BP Doesn't Deny Global Warming

British Petroleum, or Beyond Petroleum if you wish, has gone beyond "global warming denial", and has begun to invest in renewable energy sources. While BP doesn't accept that peak oil conditions will hit any time soon they do admit the need to address climate change - and soon.

The Youtube video which is included in this post presents a real university lecture. The lecture is an hour and twenty five minutes long so start up another browser window and keep surfing while you listen to the lecture - if you don't mind missing out on the interesting slide show.

Consider this - when oil companies stop pretending that there's no relationship between human activity, increasing carbon dioxide levels, and global warming (thus a climate crisis) it's time to give it up - you global warming deniers - you know who you are.

Now I am not as informed on the myriad of subjects which are touched upon in this factoid intense lecture, however, I suspect that BP is playing it pretty conservative with their figures. Despite this concern it is remarkible that an oil company can be vastly more open, and honest that the Bush-Exxon Administration has been about America's oil addiction, and the ill effects that addiction has brought about.

Lecture Information

Steve Koonin - Energy Trends and Technologies for the Coming Decades

In his talk organized by UCSD's Center for Energy Research as part of its Distinguished Lecture Series, co-sponsored by General Atomics with support from Calit2, BP chief scientist Steve Koonin will talk about the company's push into biofuels and the role universities can play. As chief scientist, Koonin is responsible for BP's long-range technology plans and activities, particularly those "beyond petroleum." He also has purview over BP's major university research programs around the world and provides technical advice to the company's senior executives.

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