Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Look At My Cat's Nose Please

Koshi Kat's Nose Seemed Discolored - But Only Temporarily

Occassionally my cat Koshi's nose seems to look bruised. During these times he seems sort of depressed, and a bit less social. I don't believe it is Feline Upper Respiratory Disease as I've seen that before, and Koshi has none of the nasal drip, nasality in breathing, or general flu-like symptoms associated with that feline disorder.

If you look at the photo of Koshi Kat {above} you'll notice a set of dark bands lower on his nose. I took this photo three to four days ago, and these dark areas are already completely gone.

They almost make me believe that Koshi has run into something while chasing one of our other cats, and that he has a bruised nasal area. This might explain it, but I wonder if anyone else has seen this.

Koshi has gone through this before, and he almost always wants to stay away from the other cats when this happens. Perhaps he lost a fight? I doubt that since he's the dominant male cat - but maybe as I've seen him with scratches on his nose before.

Koshi is mostly white, and my other cats are darker so I have no other cats to compare with.

Any cat experts out there?


Anonymous said...

I think your idea of your cat running into something and bruising his nose sounds about right. At least that seems to be the most plausible explanation.

My cat (Iris) is a dark-nosed kitty. But, she is so clumsy. I try not to laugh at her when she falls or does something ditsy. I don't want to hurt her feelings.

If it keeps happening & you are very worried, perhaps when you take your cat into the vet for shots you could ask about it.

Sending good thoughts your way for you & your kitty.


Anonymous said...

I have one cat that looks like yours facially and one all black cat. We recently moved and they had to be in their carriers for several hours. They both had bruised noses when they emerged. I'm sure it came from them trying to push open the carrier doors. Both bruises faded away after 4 or 5 days. I have also seen them trying to sniff something on the other side of a door and noticed slight bruising from them pushing their noses up against the bottom of the door. I don't think it's anything serious. good luck! tj

Anonymous said...

Our cat was spayed first part of Sept, 2011. It is now 3 wks later and the bruising he got from pusing on the carrier is still there. How long does this bruising last? Looks so pitiful. Thanks

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