Thursday, July 24, 2008

ShopNSave Repackages Old Meat With New?

Photo: Old Ground Beef Mixed With New - Fresh From A Springfield Illinois Shop-N-Save

Don't forget shoppers to run down to your local Shop N Save to take advantage of Shop-N-Save's every day low prices. Check out ShopnSaves prices on fresh quality meats, and their fresh produce too.

Of course, once you make your purchase, and get it home, make sure to inspect it very carefully.

Start off by taking a deep smell!


That ground beef sure smells fresh, and it looks fresh too!

Good purchase right?

Now take a large knife, and cut the Shop-N-Save ground beef in half and look very carefully.

Look closely.
Look again.
Look closer.

Now smell again.
Take another smell.
And another.

Something wrong?

What's that you say?

The Shop-N-Save ground beef looks and smells fresh on the outside, but in the middle looks and smells old!

How could that be you ask?

How could a lump of old smelly ground beef come to be covered in a veneer of fresh ground beef?

Why that's a very good question.

Welcome to Shop-N-Save at the corner of Wabash, and Chatham road in Springfield, Illinois.

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