Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Did Sir Paul McCartney Visit Springfield, Illinois?

Sire, may I call you Paul?

Photo (used w/o permission) Paul McCartney in Springfield, Illinois?

The State Journal-Register ran a story today based upon a alleged encounter with Sir Paul McCartney - get this, right here in Springfield, Illinois.

Dave of the11thhour has aired his doubts, asking why anyone with Paul McCartney's money would bother to drive when he could fly instead. Good question, however, if Paul McCartney had a reason he might take an automobile.

One possible reason is that Sir Paul simply wanted to drive across the great expanse which is Illinois. Certainly, Paul McCartney has the right to get away from all the airports, and major cities, and make a break for it - to what many call "the real America".

Paul chose to do so when he purchased property in Arizona, and might wish to experience a little "normal life" by taking an average sized vehicle and simply getting behind the wheel and driving across country.

Certainly Paul McCartney has earned a little normalcy in compensation for putting up with all the crazed fans, the globe trotting stalker type photographers, and even us normal folk who would simply slow him down at every turn asking for autographs, and photo ops.

Could the photograph allegedly taken of Sir Paul be a fake? Why yes it very well could be.

Could we be looking at a photograph of an incredible wax dummy seconds from collapse in the upper ninety degree heat - less likely.

Could we be looking at a celebrity double - maybe, but he'd be a darned good one.

I'm just not sure.

In any case I sure wish it was Paul McCartney, and that I had been out there and met him. Now that would be totally FAB.


blevins said...

Dont think he visited. Even if he did, I am sure Springfield would have found a way to botch it to make us look like idiots; say by playing a Yoko Ono song or having a Abraham Lincoln impersonator sing "Let It Be."

Kinda like the Simpsons premiere.

JeromeProphet said...

Additional information has come in which confirmed Paul McCartney's drive through Springfield, Illinois.

Paul, if you ever read this, unlikely as it may seem, I hope you come back soon.

The Emancipation Proclamation, and the Gettysburg Address are both on display right in downtown Springfield, Illinois, as well as Abe Lincoln's home.

Anyway, thanks for all the great music, and may you, and your's live happy safe and healthy years to come.


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