Saturday, August 09, 2008

This Was Me - Years Ago

This Youtuber's Rant Sounds So Much Like Me - Years Ago

Now I'm just too tired at the end of the day for such rants. I just don't have the fire burning inside me anymore. Maybe that's maturity, or maybe I've given up, or maybe I'm just too old.

I doubt this guy is married, or has children. Sometimes just getting to the end of the day, or end of the week is a "win". Sometimes just avoiding another knock down drag out fight over money, or the lack of it is a big victory. Sometimes just avoiding being sucked into another fight about curfew is all that I hope to achieve.

The world has this evil way of sucking the idealism right out of a person. I'm sure the rich and powerful laugh their assess off at how that works to their advantage. Everyone is so pressed and stressed just struggling to survive that they're too exhausted, depressed, or just plain poor to challenge the status quo - to take on the all the wind mills that need tilting.

I guess that's how it works, then again maybe I'm just a fat lazy apathetic American who is just barely comfortable enough not to complain - not until it becomes too late to complain?

Whatever the situation, I'll let this "young" idealistic Youtuber do his rant for me. I don't believe in everything he says, but that's beside the point - it's the conviction he seems to have - that his beliefs are worth communicating - that I like.

Here's a link to The Amazing Atheist.


Dave said...

OMG, that is you 25 years ago. He even kinda looks like you back then. Hey, rant on, young dudes everywhere. And some of us old dudes now have blogs to rant the occasional rant.

SPFLDnet said...

What happened to It looks like the site expired and it was taken back by

Did they move?

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