Friday, August 29, 2008

It Will Survive Us

We live with the truth buried deep inside us all.
We tell ourselves that it doesn't really matter.
That the truth is for someone else to grapple with.
That it is for another time and place, but not now.

We spend our lives scraping an existence along the surface.
The surface of what we think little of day to day.
But down inside deep within - it is there waiting
Waiting for that moment to express itself - to take flight

Our crude bodies demand food water sustenance
The things we seek the things we hunt we then worship
And as we age as we rot we close our eyes and try to forget
That which has awaited within us from the very start

On that day that final day that final moment after which
We shall be no more we believe we shall find our escape
Perhaps in our devotion to some higher power or some greater good
We seek this form of immortality and hope and pray

And after we are gone it exist another day within another
And when we are forgot it continues beyond us awaiting
And it leads us to ask - when will there be union?
When will there be oneness?

When will there be ecstasy of purpose and truth?

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