Monday, August 25, 2008

A Letter To Michelle Obama

I know, She'll Never Read The Message I Sent Via The Obama Website


It was such a privilege having you back in Springfield, Illinois for Barack's announcement that he chose Senator Biden as his running mate.

I proudly stood in arctic cold weather in February 2007 to see Barack, and then again to stand with thirty five thousand others the day Barack introduced us to Joe.

There is, however, something I must mention to you, something important because I know you'd want to know about it, and it affects your supporters, and the campaign.

For days now, since you left our community there's been an ongoing online expression of concern, some of it very angry and partisan, some of it not, about the numbers of people who physically collapsed, and the hundreds of others who nearly did, from heat exhaustion during Barack's speech.

I myself barely made it through the speech without passing out, and became sick afterward.

The Secret Service would not allow anyone to bring in bottled water, and the local media promised that there would be water available inside the event area.

However, once inside it became painfully obvious that it was nearly impossible to reach the few areas where water was being distributed.

Now Barack's detractors are suggesting that he, as the leader of his campaign, has shown a lack of leadership by not making certain that his campaign look out for his supporters under such dangerous conditions.

Quite frankly I doubt if you'll ever read this, but I hope that somehow you'll be made aware that many people I have spoken to have expressed their concern over just how close we came to having a major incident take place.

I hope that some of the money I donate, and will continue to donate, will go toward the purchase of provisions which volunteers can distribute to your supporters so as to help avoid anything like what happened here in Springfield.

Best of Luck, and God Bless!

A Letter To Michelle Obama From A Supporter In Springfield, Illinois

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