Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Energy Crisis - Just Corrupt Government

There Is No Energy Crisis - Just A Corrupt Government

Big Oil owns the corrupt government of the United States. Oil is the justification used for maintaining a large military, and for starting war profiteering schemes like the Iraq war.
What Oil Addiction Has Driven A Good Nation To Do

Raiding the treasury, saddling our children, and grandchildren with debt, destabilizing the Middle East, funding Islamic Extremist, polluting the environment, changing global climate, promoting anti-American hatred around the world, promoting fragility in a world economy which is dependent upon a finite source of energy, starting wars on false pretenses, and sending 700,000,000 dollars per year to oil producing nations (including some which detest the U.S.).

Algae Can Produce Clean Domestically Produced "Oil"

Oil, and natural gas came from algae, and it seems fitting that algae will one day produce clean, renewable, carbon neutral fuel which can be run in any flex fuel diesel engine.

The U.S. could easily produce its own clean carbon neutral fuel within a decade. It's that simple.
The problem isn't a matter of technology, it is one of will. The government of the United States is so corrupt that it no longer functions to protect, and promote the best interest of the people of the United States, but instead promotes, and protects the interest of Saudi Arabia, and other oil producing nations.

Being patriotic isn't wrong, but believing that keeping our U.S. troops tied down in a foreign country in the name of big oil is. Let's bring the troops home, and fund alternative domestically produced energy. Let's end our addiction to oil once and for all.

Start by learning about alternative energy, and support candidates that don't take money from Big Oil.


ANNA-LYS said...

Just an reflection on the run ... why can't Americans bicycle or jogging to work and the stores like the rest of us? It might do good for Your health also, the oil doesn't do that trick. I think it is smart of the government to use this "misinformation" as the last attempt to try to make Americans healthier ...

(Don't hit me, but to me health and fitness is important both for the mind and body)

(( hug ))

rickmonday said...

I think you hit the nail on the head JP. We definitely need to ween ourselves off of foreign and domestic oil. Many of our woes are indeed caused by our oil addiction.

However, in the near term we definitely need oil. Not only for transportation to and from work, but to keep our hospitals, soup lines, and homes heated during winter.

The one thing I dont understand is why we cannot drill here at home and invest in alternatives at the same time. What is the problem with that? I know it will take years to harvest some of the oil but at the same time it will take decades to develop the infrastructure to support alternatives.

I personally think we should build more nuclear power plants. The newer generation of plants are much more efficient and safe than the older models that we have in use today. Nuclear power is also "green friendly".

But America is strong and I think very capable of doing both. I think zealots in both camps are foolish for taking a "my way or the highway" approach.

Anna: You make a good point. I wish Americans would bike or walk or job more often. However, our public transportation and bike trail system is not as well developed as Europe's. I see some efforts being put in to address this issue but not too much, unfortunately.

ANNA-LYS said...

Thank You for addressing me Rickmonday :-)

My English is not to good, with fitness I meant both exercising the brain and the body.

Why don't You develop earth- water-, and wind as well as plant (the latter goes for cars too) alternatives as energy-power for heating homes, hospitals? etcetera

blevins said...

but jp, who do we vote for? Both Juan McSame and B. Hussein Obama cater to special interests; the latter may be a tad "greener," but probably just as corrupted.

JeromeProphet said...


Follow the money my friend, follow the money.

Look at how Obama is raising money for his campaign, then compare it to Mr. McSame.

Obama ONLY takes money from small donors like me, while McSame is taking millions from the oil industry, and big pharma.

McSame is owned by special interest, while Obama owes only the people.


ANNA-LYS said...

<<<<< sorry, for interrupting!!!

email jp






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