Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain At His Best - I Guess

John McCain Either Has Alzheimer's or He's Just Too Rich For My Taste

When asked during an interview how many homes he, and his spouse own, John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee (apparent), was unable to answer.

His staff later answered - at least four (probably seven).

Call me a classist, but just how the hell is this guy ever going to represent me?

I don't want another elder president - we had Reagan develop Alzheimer's during his presidency, and everyone tried to lie and say otherwise, but it was embarrassingly, and frighteningly obvious that he was no longer in control.

Then we had the buffoon king Bush who came right out and said his constituency was the rich, and he never tried to lie about that. Greed, and corruption in every form, war, and massive public debt are the hallmarks and legacy of his presidency.

We don't need some old rich dishonest incompetent codger President with a freakish looking mega millionaire wife pulling his strings. It's quite frightening really - she actually looks like an android. I'd venture the marriage is the unholy result of some pact with the devil.

Make me president, and I will serve you Satan!

Yes, John, I shall give you riches, and an earthly cohort to assist you in my bidding.

Maybe I'm being a bit too harsh? Then again have you seen her eyes - like the kind you see on a lizard, very creepy.


rickmonday said...

Is this blatant class envy of what. Isnt Obama rich? He made $5million last year on his celebrity status. And he got a sweetheart deal on his house with convicted felon Rezko.

So you dont want some rich white guy in office but you are OK with a rich black guy? Seems a bit racist.

JeromeProphet said...

No, it's class warfare, not envy. I want someone that at least in some way can identify with me, and mine.

McCain is just another balding old self concerned rich guy telling lies and scaring people.

He'll screw America just as much as the Bush family has.

As to your last comment, if and only if all other things were equal between McCain and Obama and then I picked Obama because of his skin color could you levy that charge with any credulity.

McCain has repeatedly stated, and records show that he has supported Bush in practically all ways.

I can't stand the S.O.B. Bush, so why in the hell would I want his incompetent mini-me replace him?

It's not race, it's my concern for the nation I grew up in. The middle class are getting screwed, and it is being done at the behest of the ruling class.

nancy said...


I think you mean "he got a sweetheart deal on a narrow strip of land adjacent to his property". Only it wasn't that sweetheart, rather mundane and average really. And Rezko wasn't convicted when the transaction took place. And his conviction had nothing to do with his relationship or lack thereof, with Obama. But other than that, you got it all right.

Anonymous said...


Why let a few facts ruin such baseless mudslinging?

Back in the 50's the right would be labelling Barack as a "Commie".

Today it's Muslim, Socialist, Machine Politician - all nonsense, but it does give them a chance to pat themselves on the back and vote for another round of self destrucion which they call leadership.


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