Saturday, August 23, 2008

Packing Lite For Obama Speech

Look for me in the crowd. I'll be wearing a black pull over (with collar), and maroon sweat pants, and brown New Balance sneakers. And maybe, just maybe a very small camera bag. Oh yes, and sunglasses.

I'll be using my cellphone as my camera this time, and so if you're interested you can go to: to check out my semi-live uploads of both video, and photos. I won't bother with text.

I'll be out there with Dave of The11thhour blog. We both decided that waiting three hours while standing completely surrounded by hot sweaty people half a football field away from Mr. Obama was not really worth it - so we're going to arrive a bit after eleven, but before noon.

So I better go now, and hope it doesn't rain - because I'm not taking an umbrella.


blevins said...

I think i may have saw you guys. After standing in the heat for two hours (got there around 11) and putting up with rude and pushy people (one of whom I got into a nice verbal altercation with), I decided to hell with it and went to my shop on monroe and listened to the speech.

Which stinks, I am a huge Biden fan.

JeromeProphet said...

It was so hot. But once again, it was worth it.

I ran into a person who said he was a McCain supporter. Nice, guy from Mason City, but we ditched him because of his politics.

I figure if you're going to discriminate against someone for their politics a political rally is the place to do it.


Aakash said...

I didn't even know that you had a separate site, for photos and videos, from our city.

They should have allowed some of us Springfield bloggers into that media tent... Everyone there seemed to be behind their laptops anyway.

Then again, the Andiamo was quick and convenient - (especially since I guess I got in there, before many of the people had come around). I missed hearing the speech live (except a clip on the radio, while I was driving in downtown... Incidentally, it just so happened to be the clip in which he introduced Senator Biden - and I noticed he said "President" - then again, that type of thing happens to the best of us), but it was probably better this way.

As for McCain, I think that he actually has little difference from Senator Obama's choice of a running mate... As I think Senator Biden has alluded to, himself.

JeromeProphet said...


That second blog is more a photo dump for cellphone post.

I rarely use it, and wanted to use it during the Obama event, but it was so bright that I had difficulty reading the screen of my camera-cellphone.

Thus I decided not to send any images to the site.


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