Friday, August 29, 2008

Republicans Fear The Truth

True Story

Today I emailed a person I know is a "conservative". Actually she is a "Christian" and believes that true Christians are always Republicans.

I sent her an email in which I asked if it made good sense to spend $7,000,000,000,000 on imported oil from the Middle East over the next ten years (actually closer to Ten Trillion).

I asked her if that is what a true patriotic American would support.

I came by her place of business, and with her permission I leaned over to check for my email in her inbox.

She had deleted the email.

That's right. She had immediately deleted it.

She was afraid of even considering such an issue as it might create doubt that the only choice she has is to support a Republican candidate in the upcoming Presidential election.

It is like a form of mental insanity.

I felt as if I were a character in a B grade movie in which I suddenly find myself surrounded by pod people.

I then spoke with another Republican.

I told her I was so excited about watching Barack Obama tonight.

She told me that she would never watch the convention tonight.

I asked her why, and she responded,

You mean watch Osama Bin Laden speak tonight?

This was the best she could do.

She had no other rational reason to provide, just some crazy response that one would expect from a grade school child.

The nation is filled with two types of people.

Those whose eyes are open, and those whose eyes are shut.

The nation has been run by the most corrupt regime in history, and those who put the evil regime in power live in fear of ever learning the truth.

For if they did - they would have to live with the guilt of what they have done to this nation, and the world.


Dave said...

They are like children. My mother-in-law actually believes Obama is the Anitchrist. Not in a metaphorical way, but the actual biblically prophesized Antichrist. She seriously believed that about Bill Clinton too ten years ago, but, well, that was then.

cubconn said...

Just curious, what is your alternative to "spending $7,000,000,000,000 on imported oil from the Middle East over the next ten years"?

JeromeProphet said...


I don't believe there is a solution which would prevent the transfer of that wealth, however, there is a way that we can get back in the game.

We can move toward energy independence, perhaps keeping the lid on oil prices, and keeping a great deal of that money which would otherwise subsidize our friends in the Middle East.

I wrote a post to respond to your question so go here:

email jp






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