Sunday, August 17, 2008

Springfield, Illinois' Vine Street Clinic Demolished

What Was Left Of The Old Vine Street Clinic Is Now Demolished

Another Springfield, Illinois eyesore has now been demolished. Vine Street Clinic, an outpatient Psychiatric center, was located on the south side of Vine Street between Sixth Street and Seventh Street.

The lots which housed Vine Street Clinic, and the now demolished Hardee's just south of the clinic, will be developed into a CVS pharmacy. The project is part of an ongoing series of business developments in the area.

I drive by the area often, and am happy to see the older vacant buildings torn down, and replaced by brand new businesses.

I once went to Vine Street Clinic for a meeting with my undergraduate adviser, who was a practicing clinical Psychologist. Not much to say there.


Marie said...

That kind of looks like Baghdad.

Dave said...

Marie, that's why we invaded: to make room for new CVS's and Walgreen's. Saddam never appreciated a good drug store so we had to do something.

JeromeProphet said...

Dave - being funny. Everytime I look at that photo of you swigging down that cold beer it makes me thirsty.

Must go get beer.

It does indeed look like some of the flat roofed windowless buildings in some of the Middle Eastern towns we have seen gutted by fighting. Good observation Marie.

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