Monday, September 01, 2008

These Are Your Rights

Little Video On Youtube About Your Rights When Dealing With U.S. Police

Your Rights (The Clash)

  • The right not to be killed (unless done by a policeman or an aristocrat).
  • The right to food money (provided you are willing to submit to harassment and humiliation).
  • The right to free speech (as long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it).


Dave said... public service announcement...WITH GUITARS!

God, I love that intro to the song.

rickmonday said...

Here are some tips when you get pulled over.

1. Put your wallet on the dash and both hands on the wheel. The cops dont know who they are dealing with and are paranoid about drivers having guns. This gesture will ease their concerns a bit.

2. Be respectful. Most cops are respectful of you. Dont give them a reason to not give you a break.

3. Dont lie or make excuses. Cops are not dumb. I am not saying to admit guilt, but dont tell them that you didnt know you were speeding. Say, I didnt realize I was going that fast or something of the sort.

4. See suggestion 2.

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