Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stanford & 11th Springfield Illinois Fatal "Accident"

Stanford & 11th Springfield Illinois Fatal "Accident" April 2009

There is a small grouping of flowers at the base of a (the) utility pole at the corner of Stanford and 11th - the intersection where two men lost their lives, and a third (the driver) was critically injured.

Something which I noticed about the State Journal Register online story, relating to the Stanford and 11th auto accident, was that SJ-R had initially left the comments option set to on.

Yesterday was a Sunday, so perhaps, by Monday bigger minds prevailed, and the comments were all deleted, and no commenting was allowed.

As I read through the comments I found myself both fascinated, and repulsed, by what I read. Some of the more interesting comments were posted by those who live in the neighborhood, and who shared their experiences, and thoughts. Some of the more reprehensible comments were those which sought to blame the passengers who were killed - how could anyone know what was going on in that speeding car as it raced through a red light? The passengers may have been pleading with the driver to slow down - we'll never know.

We can only wish a peaceful and happy afterlife for those who have been taken from us.

One last thought. I don't like the word accident to describe what happened - because it wasn't an accident.

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