Friday, May 01, 2009

U.S. Citizens Secretly Innoculated Against Swine Flu

Several years ago I wrote a post in which I speculated upon the existence of a black operations program being run within the U.S. military - a program which employed weather modification techniques to develop, and deploy, a broad variety cutting edge and experimental weapons.

One argument which I put forth was that a weather modification program could be used to disseminate, that is to inoculate, the mass population without its knowledge or consent, against a variety of potential bio weapons, including bacterial and viruses.

I now propose that proof for such a program exist in the mysterious difference between the rates of death, the lethality seen, in those exposed to the H1N1 Swine flu virus. Those living within the U.S. have experienced a mild reaction to the virus, while those living within Mexico have seen a far higher mortality.

This difference could very well be explained if citizens north of the Mexican border were at some point exposed to weakened forms of avian, or swine flu viruses.

The only death so far in the U.S. was a young child who may not have lived long enough to have been secretly inoculated.

Such inoculation would take place by flying stealth aircraft over U.S. population centers, and exploding small cellulose bomblets containing virus segments. The small bombs, similar to fireworks would create shock waves which would force condensation within clouds, thus causing rain on demand.

The population, unaware of the existence of such a program, would have lived their entire lives listening to thunderstorms in which these small explosions exist, and would be unable to discern artificial thunder from real thunder.

So that's my proposal - a secret government program - some may see as sinister, but one which may have worked to protect the population.

Then again, for all we know the current pandemic may have been deliberate, and there is no assurance that the same people who would secretly innoculate U.S. citizens wouldn't also start a pandemic.

I in no way suggest that all U.S. citizens would enjoy protection from the coming wave of swine flu,, as not everyone would be innoculated, and in addition such innuculation might only have created a partial immunity.

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